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Item Watch
Item watch notifies you when someone bids on the auctions that you have added to your Item Watch.
How do I know my auctions have been successful?
If the auction was successful, both the bidder and the winner of the auction receive an email notification from the system with contact details to determine the terms of the transaction. The seller may specify an email address for payment with the Pay-Pal of the good, may require payment by postal order or refund upon delivery.

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After I register, I edit my personal details and set up a special e-mail attached to my Paypal account where I want to be paid. This email will only be visible to the winner of the auction.ATENTIE if I set this email but the buyer paid by other means I have to manage the account to get paid and to confirm that the payment has been made

How to buy

After choosing the good I want to buy, I check what type of auction it is and depending on it, I do the following: at a standard auction I place an offer at least equal to the one recommended by the system that is equal to the initial price or higher If my offer reaches the reserved price (if it exists) I can not bid anymore until another user is bidding.In some instances can directly buy the product at the Instant Buy price. If the auction started and someone placed an offer, it is no longer possible to buy the Instant price (\\\\ "Buy Instant \\\\" button does not appear) \\ r \\ nIn the case The Dutch auction (Duch) is placed for bidding one or more identical goods. Here I can buy directly with the price displayed in the stock limit available or place an offer, which I am willing to pay. The first offer that is registered, either how small it is against the listing price becomes the reference offer (winner) and no other offer below this value is accepted. There may be one or more winners, depending on the number of items auctioned and the number The bidder who makes the biggest offer.
\\ r \\ nIn the case of real estate or auto offers it is possible to allow placement of offers without any obligation, in order to be sent to the owners, who will decide if accept or not one of the offers as low as the price displayed. In these cases, the auction winner should not expect the unconditional purchase of the asset, unless he has reached the listing price, in which case the owner is contacted for viewing.