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Auctions Shopitera
How do I know my auctions have been successful?
If the auction was successful, both the bidder and the winner of the auction receive an email notification from the system with contact details to determine the terms of the transaction. The seller may specify an email address for payment with the Pay-Pal of the good, may require payment by postal order or refund upon delivery.

How do I set get paid with Paypal?

After I register, I edit my personal details and set up a special e-mail attached to my Paypal account where I want to be paid. This email will only be visible to the winner of the auction.ATENTIE if I set this email but the buyer paid by other means I have to manage the account to get paid and to confirm that the payment has been made

Activation of auctions


Once you've set up the auction, you must go to section  "my acount" -"Pending auctions" and  activate the pending auction (start auction)